Our Forex Trading Academy, Sure-Fire Trading Academy(SFTA) is a structured one that aims at turning Forex Beginners and Intermediate Traders to Professionals within One(1) year. Forex education is a function of knowledge imparted and practice time. We recommend you start with our Beginner class before commencing the Comprehensive Training.

The free beginner’s class is a 1-2hour forex seminar that is held in Lagos on Saturdays. We chose a weekend to give opportunity to people who have day jobs but want to become financially independent. This seminar is free for all beginners that want to sign up to learn how to trade Forex.
It is usually held on specific saturdays as announced. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear Nigeria’s best Forex Trader, Temitope Ijibadejo talk about everything forex.
Take a walk down memory lane with Temitope and find out how he made it remarkably in the forex world. You will also get an insight on how you can start earning while you learn through the Sure-Fire Copy Trader Program.

You can book a seat for the next seminar by sending an SMS stating FREE FOREX CLASS for (your full name)
For example: FREE FOREX CLASS for John Victor

You will receive an SMS from us stating the date, time and venue of the next free forex class.

Sure-Fire Investments Ltd’s comprehensive training course has been developed by Temitope Ijibadejo, bringing together the best information from various sources into a focused, modular program to help students ultimately achieve success in the forex market.

Our training program is made up of a 2-day theory lesson held over 2 consecutive Saturdays followed by weekly practical and live trading sessions in a classroom environment as the Forex market is closed during weekends.

Once students have completed their theory lessons, they will attend our week 1 practical session where the theory covered on the weekend will begin to be applied in a practical and live market environment using the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Once students feel that their knowledge of the basics is sufficient, they will then move onto week 2 practical session. This will involve learning intermediate aspects of forex trading. These include Fibonacci, Price patterns and more. Upon completing this, students will attend week 3 practical and consultancy session. Advanced aspects of forex trading will be covered including, but not limited to, the development of an effective trading strategy, risk management strategies and trade management techniques. In all you will need 5 days of your time to move from beginner trader to Semipro trader.

In order to achieve the status of professional trader, you must attend minimum of 6 end-of-month trading summary classes. Our end of month summary class is what actually differentiates our academy from what you have heard about or experienced in the forex industry. In these classes, Temitope Ijibadejo does in-depth analysis of all trades taken on his live account within the month, breaking down the opportunities, method of execution and rationale behind them. This is the fastest and most effective way to move from semipro to professional. This will take at least 6 months of your involvement. Upon completion, students receive a certificate of trading proficiency from the academy.

The comprehensive training cost N200,000 covering tuition, books and mentoring.