Copy Trader

Consistent success in trading comes with experience which is a function of time.

A common denominator that has been observed is that most newbies get discouraged after severally burning their trading accounts whilst trying to learn the ropes and go through the rigorous learning curve which is inevitable if one must become a profitable trader. If there wasn’t a skill to master, every Tom, Dick and Harry will be self-employed through Forex Trading.

Having identified this major problem, Temitope thought out the SURE-FIRE COPY TRADER solution to avail newbie and intermediate traders the opportunity to copy the actions of a profitable and professional trader and maintain a high spirit on the journey to mastering forex trading. Your trading account is not being traded by a fund manager, you simply have permission to copy trades from the pro trader’s account to your account. The underlying idea is that even if it takes you 3 years to attain mastery, you are not discouraged along the line due to incessant losses. It affords you the opportunity to EARN while you LEARN. The best part of this offering is that it comes at no cost to you unlike similar programs that seek to sell financial services based on monthly subscriptions bearing in mind there’s no guarantee profit will be made.

Benefits of the Sure-Fire Copy Trader Programme:

1. Access the free comprehensive trainings provided by our trading academy directly facilitated by Temitope Ijibadejo.
2. Copy our Pro trader’s actions verbatim to your personal trading account
3. Leverage on the superior Risk and Trade Management Techniques that comes with many years of trading experience
4. Learn with balanced emotions
5. Earn while you learn at no extra cost.

To get started you need to have at least $500 to open a Sure-Fire copy trader account for yourself with our partner broker, Hantec Global.
Note: This money is to fund your trading account; it is not a service fee.
Send your full name and phone number via email to mail[@] . Use COPY TRADER as your email subject.